Sunday, July 29, 2007


Forest of Drem

This drawing is a pre-work for my children's book. It is filled with forests and little creatures.

Dragon's Egg

Dragons are a theme I have employed over and over again throughout my art. I have drawn them, printed them, painted them, and carved them in pottery. This one is another pastel-for no particular reason, just sitting and doodling.

Still Life #3

Still Life #2

Still Life #1

So many of my pastels never get finished because of time. I really enjoy drawing with chalk pastels. As is obvious in my technical work, I am very much a realist. I particularly like still life and foliage for subject matter. The majority of my pastels have been drawn for school examples.

Unfinished Pastels

These are two unfinished examples used for teaching pastels to my beginning high school art students.